Hire a Heated Marquee this winter!

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Silently heated and controlled, beautifully lit and connected with your building.

You've been looking around for the perfect venue for your Christmas event and everything is booked up. All your left with is a dingy room at the local social club?! We'll its time you thought outside the box - or perhaps outside of the building... and get us in to pop a heated marquee up.

We can put them on a car park, or a garden or pretty much wherever you like. With the heaters it does cost a bit more than in the summer but with the technology we have at our disposal they really are like an extra room, even on the coldest of nights.

The heaters themselves are silent, thermostatically controlled with warm air ducted discreetly into the marquee. Add a hardfloor with a carpet overlay is ideal to complete the weather-proofing. Outside the marquee we could add some patio heaters to complete the winter to summer conversion!

Winter events also allow us to showcase a stunning lighting display in our marquees, creating a wonderful atmosphere. We can link your building with a covered walkway, so your guests dont need to take a step outside.

This winter The White Marquee Company are booked at a number of private properties hosting weddings, we have a large corporate event hosted on a car park, plus some other smaller events. There is still availability for your event, so call now and we can start planning with you.

  • Published on: 18/10/2016